Backcountry Llama: Fleece Lined Change AnyWear Robe



Fleece-Lined Change AnyWear Robes: Where Cozy Meets Cool 😎

Strut into the chill with Plover's new Fleece-Lined Change AnyWear Robe, where 'sherpa-light' meets serious style. Sure, it's got some bulk – because we're all about that warm, cozy embrace – but don't let that fool you. This robe is sleek, svelte, and all kinds of stylish. It's the kind of warmth you need with the swagger you want, perfect for changing out in the wild or just kicking back in unparalleled comfort. Get ready to up your robe game with a fleece that's as warm as the original sherpa, but smoother, more refined, and ready to turn heads.🔥🌊💥


Backcountry Llama - The Fleece-Lined Robe for Winter Mavericks

Hold onto your hot cocoa, winter enthusiasts! The Backcountry Llama has arrived, and it's taking the chill out of chill. Spinning off from our "Cool Llama" and "Hot Llama" legends, this fleece-lined wonder is about to become your go-to for all things winter.

🎿 Winter Whimsy, Meet Mountain Chic: With llamas kitted out for the slopes – one sporting skis and glacier glasses, the other decked in snowshoes, a winter hat, and a stylish vest – this robe brings a dash of mountain-side fun to your wardrobe. These aren’t just llamas; they’re your comrades in frosty escapades.

🔥 Warmth With Minimal Weight: This robe delivers warmth that defies its sleek exterior. Our specially designed "sherpa light" fleece offers a cozy embrace, perfect for thawing out after a day in the snow or simply lounging at home.

🛷 From Slopes to Snuggles: Whether you're transitioning from snowboard to sofa, or from ski boots to slippers, the Backcountry Llama is your perfect après-ski partner. It's about embracing the joy of winter while staying comfortably warm.

🌡️ Plover's Toasty Triumph: Moving beyond our summer line, the Backcountry Llama marks our foray into truly winterized comfort. It's a significant step up in our robe evolution, combining style with practical warmth.

🛁 Lodge-Ready, Lounge-Approved: This isn’t just a robe; it's a statement of how to do winter right. Ideal for a relaxing end to a day on the slopes, a brisk morning on the balcony, or simply as your go-to home comfort piece.

Limited Edition Luxury: The Backcountry Llama is a special release, available for a limited time. This unique piece is here to make your winter not just bearable, but enjoyable and stylish.

So, gear up for the colder months with the Backcountry Llama. It's more than just a robe – it's a celebration of winter, a blend of whimsy and warmth, and a testament to staying cozy in style. Get yours and redefine what it means to stay warm this winter. 🏂❄️🦙

How is it different from other changing robes?

While traditional changing robes may be boxy and one-dimensional, our fleece-lined Change AnyWear robes take versatility to the next level. Equipped with a full-length zipper, this robe effortlessly transitions from a snug, form-fitting layer to a laid-back, regular robe. Its innovative design includes zippered side access for hassle-free changing, and the sleeved silhouette provides improved privacy and warmth. This isn't just a robe; it's a revolution in comfort and convenience, redefining what it means to change in style and warmth.

Why Change AnyWear?

The fleece-lined Change AnyWear Robe is more than just a garment; it's a testament to why you should change anywhere else with anything less. It envelops you in unmatched warmth and a hint of luxury, transforming everyday routines into moments of indulgent comfort. Whether it's providing a cozy embrace after a swim, a snug layer following a surf session, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your lounging at a hotel or BnB, this robe adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle. It's not just about changing attire; it's about elevating your experience of comfort and convenience in every setting.r.

What’s so special about the material?

The material of our fleece-lined Change AnyWear Robe sets it apart, combining adventure-ready functionality with unparalleled comfort. Externally, it features the same fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabric used in all our robes, known for its softness and stretch. This outer layer keeps you dry and comfortable in various settings, from poolside lounging to outdoor adventures. The special twist lies in the interior: a cozy fleece lining, adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort. This 'sherpa-light' fleece is smooth yet incredibly insulating, making the robe perfect for those who seek both style and a cozy embrace. Whether you're stretching out on a sun-lounger or curling up at home, the fleece-lined Change AnyWear Robe ensures you experience supreme comfort, coupled with the functional versatility our robes are known for.!


Size matters, but style and comfort matter more!

We offer two sizes to cater to all heights – Regular and Long. Generally, we recommend the Regular size for individuals up to 6'2" and the Long for those 6'2" or taller. However, your robe, your rules! Go for the alternative size if you want a different style or if you’re feeling a bit daring. We love it when you embrace your unique swagger!

Fabric and Features


Outer Shell: 88% Poly / 12% Elastane 240gsm
Lining: 'Sherpa-light' fleece


Raglan Sleeves for casual comfort, Inner mesh pocket with pullover flap to secure small items, 2-piece hood for sun protection, Durable locker loop for hanging, anchored belt stays centered, 2.5” sleeve cuffs

Redefining the Robe


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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This robe is it. I never thought I'd spend money on a robe, but this robe is the real thing and I'm glad I made the jump. Everything in the description is true - it fits extremely well and is like wearing a little cloud. I don't know why I would get two robes, but I'm seriously considering getting another.
— Nolan
Customer reviews
Okay. I wanted one of these robes and when the Great Wave design came out I immediately threw my money at the screen. That not working, I made a purchase like a sensible person and eagerly awaited my new robe. It's fantastic. It breaths, it's comfortable, and I love swanning about in it like several of my husbands died under mysterious circumstances. 10/10 will buy again
— Brett C.
Customer reviews
Saw this amazing robe wrapped around Marc Rebillet and knew I had to have one. I bought the long version cause I like things to hang lower, and it's absolutely amazing! I can't wait to take this bad boy on my cruise to the Bahamas and in general just live that robe life with a hot llama robe. Do yourself the favor and just buy a Plover robe. It's the only way to robe
— Jason K
Customer reviews
This is the best article of clothing I own to date, I can not stop wearing it. Perfect weightiness drapes this baby perfectly around you, enveloping you in a soft bubble of pleasure. If you're considering buying one and have been reading reviews, get one, you need it.
— Avery
Customer reviews
I got a Montucky Cold Snack robe from Plover and it’s amazing. Very high quality material, it’s so soft and comfortable and looks great too! Highly recommend.
— Mark S