Robe in a Box

Inspired by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's music video "Dick In A Box", Plover Co-Founders Eric and Ben discovered a more practical holiday gift to impress any special person with this season: a Plover Robe. The duo lays out a simple three step process in the video: "It's easy to do," said Ben (lead vocalist).

A Good Robe On Your Back

After two months in Cabarete learning how to play guitar and ride horses, Plover co-founder Eric released his third single 'A Good Robe On Your Back' in May 2022. Characterized by his diversity in music genres, he is widely known as the only robed singer-songwriter in the world. This Dominican based number explores the universal appeal of a Plover Robe.

Wear That Robe All Day

A secluded life at sea proved to be the perfect metaphor for 15-months of the COVID pandemic. Capitalizing on the resurrection of Sea Shanties in the Spring of 2021, Plover co-founder Eric released his second single, 'Wear That Robe All Day' to pay homage to the robe he had been wearing since his office closed.

Plover Anthem

When American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake declined our offer to produce the first ever Plover Robes Anthem, Plover co-founder Eric took matters into his own hands. 'Bring a Robe for Goodness Sake' was released on August 20th, 2020. While recieving accolades for pioneering the Irish-Dance-Stomp genre, the debut single has failed to reach 100 streams on Spotify.