Langosta Americana 2.0: Travel AnyWear Robe

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Unmatched comfort meets standout style

Welcome to Plover Robes – where utility and elegance bump uglies. Our Travel AnyWear Robe promises not just lightweight ease and quick drying, but also a unique flair that turns heads. Elevate your comfort with the Plover touch.


Back by popular demand and sporting a fresh new twist, let us present you the Langosta American 2.0. If Paul Revere rode again to announce a fashion revelation, it would be for this. If the Liberty Bell rang one more time, it'd be to herald the arrival of this robe. We're talking legendary here.

Last summer's original Langosta Americana design was a runaway success, selling out faster than the speed of Uncle Sam's rocket's red glare. And now, we've answered your calls and brought it back, but with a twist that's more refreshing than a plunge in the old swimming hole.

Maintaining the Nantucket red base that you loved, we've upgraded the pattern with white and blue lobsters, giving a nod to the grand old American flag. It's like a Fourth of July parade wrapped around you - the quintessential American summer experience.

This robe, just like its predecessor, is part of our Travel AnyWear series. As light as a flag in the summer breeze, as soft as a freedom-loving cloud, and with a drying speed that'd make a NASCAR pit crew envious, it's your perfect summer companion. Plus, it packs down smaller than the Constitution, primed for all your summer escapades.

Embrace the 4th of July like never before with the Langosta American 2.0. It's so American, we wouldn't be surprised if George Washington himself placed an order.

But remember, last time it sold faster than hot apple pie at a state fair. So, you better act fast. This robe is hotter than a firecracker, and it won't stick around for long.

Be bold, be brave, be Langosta American 2.0.

Because nothing says "Happy Fourth of July!" like a robe teeming with red, white, and blue lobsters.

This robe comes with large pockets (one with a secret inner pocket), a removable belt, belt loops, and a large hood for added sun protection. We offer two sizes for all of our robes: Regular (36" from collar to bottom hem) and Long (46" from collar to bottom hem). We generally recommend the regular size for people up to 6'2" and the long for people 6'2" or taller.

How is it different from a normal bathrobe?

The Travel AnyWear Robe takes the comfort of a traditional bathrobe and elevates it for modern adventures. While it's perfect for indoor lounging, it's also designed for the outdoors. It's lightweight, making travel and packing a breeze. The quick-drying fabric means you won't be left in a soggy robe after a swim. Plus, the generously sized hood offers a stylish shield against the sun. In essence, it's the versatile robe you never knew you needed!

Why Travel AnyWear?

The Travel AnyWear Robe redefines versatility and style. Lightweight and compact, it packs down to the size of an extra-large grapefruit or a small melon, making it a breeze to carry on your travels. More than just a robe—it's the only one you'll ever desire to accompany you. Whether it's serving as a stylish coverup by the pool or beach or a comfortable bathrobe in your hotel or BnB, it's prepared for every adventure. Embrace the extraordinary and Travel AnyWear.

What’s so special about the material?

Our robe's material is specifically designed for the adventurer in you. It’s crafted from a fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabric that's not just functional, but also incredibly soft to the touch. This ensures that you're kept dry and comfortable wherever you might find yourself. Plus, the material allows for stretch, so whether you're lounging by the pool, stretching out on a sun-lounger, or simply cozying up at home, the Travel AnyWear Robe ensures you have both style and supreme comfort at your fingertips!


Size matters, but style and comfort matter more!

We offer two sizes to cater to all heights – Regular and Long. Generally, we recommend the Regular size for individuals up to 6'2" and the Long for those 6'2" or taller. However, your robe, your rules! Go for the alternative size if you want a different style or if you’re feeling a bit daring. We love it when you embrace your unique swagger!

Fabric and Features


Outer Shell: 88% Poly / 12% Elastane 240gsm
Hood Lining: 90% Poly / 10% Elastane 135gsm


Raglan Sleeves for casual comfort, Inner mesh pocket with pullover flap to secure small items, 2-piece hood for sun protection, Durable locker loop for hanging, anchored belt stays centered, 2.5” sleeve cuffs

Redefining the Robe


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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This robe is it. I never thought I'd spend money on a robe, but this robe is the real thing and I'm glad I made the jump. Everything in the description is true - it fits extremely well and is like wearing a little cloud. I don't know why I would get two robes, but I'm seriously considering getting another.
— Nolan
Customer reviews
Okay. I wanted one of these robes and when the Great Wave design came out I immediately threw my money at the screen. That not working, I made a purchase like a sensible person and eagerly awaited my new robe. It's fantastic. It breaths, it's comfortable, and I love swanning about in it like several of my husbands died under mysterious circumstances. 10/10 will buy again
— Brett C.
Customer reviews
Saw this amazing robe wrapped around Marc Rebillet and knew I had to have one. I bought the long version cause I like things to hang lower, and it's absolutely amazing! I can't wait to take this bad boy on my cruise to the Bahamas and in general just live that robe life with a hot llama robe. Do yourself the favor and just buy a Plover robe. It's the only way to robe
— Jason K
Customer reviews
This is the best article of clothing I own to date, I can not stop wearing it. Perfect weightiness drapes this baby perfectly around you, enveloping you in a soft bubble of pleasure. If you're considering buying one and have been reading reviews, get one, you need it.
— Avery
Customer reviews
I got a Montucky Cold Snack robe from Plover and it’s amazing. Very high quality material, it’s so soft and comfortable and looks great too! Highly recommend.
— Mark S