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"I have always been a robes guy. Growing up, my parents had to inspect my suitcase before checking out of hotels as I was prone to “accidentally” pack the hotels’ bathrobes deep in my duffel. I have been known to don a robe and walk around social gatherings at which I am a guest carrying a tumbler of cheap whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other (almost never lit) proclaiming to relative strangers “Please, try the deviled eggs” or “Have a wonderful evening” or “Enjoy yourselves tonight.” Like a well-trimmed mustache, a robe can be stylish, practical, and immediately suggest that you don’t take yourself too seriously."


  • Now Available in two sizes: Regular and Long
  • Center Seamed Hood
  • Mesh Inner Liner
  • 2 Large Pockets
  • Secure Inner Phone Pocket with Button Closure
  • Locker Hang Loop Inside Collar
  • 6 Personality Patterns


Moisture Wicking

Transports and evaporates moisture faster than up to 78% of major sports fabrics.


Adapts to your environment and returns your body temperature to equilibrium.

4-Way Stretch

For maximum mobility, both the inner liner and outer shell are built to stretch.

UPF Protection

Created for outdoor-wear and the days when sunscreen just isn't enough.


Our commitment to 100% recycled, chemical-free fabric means protecting our waters and wildlife at all costs. Many apparel brands use spray-on chemicals to achieve softness and performance qualities. These chemicals come out in the wash after a dozen or so wash cycles and flow into streams and oceans causing pollution and harm to wildlife.

By using 100% recycled fibers, we’re not only creating a garment that lasts longer, but we’re also reducing raw material waste that all too frequently ends up in landfills.


We've been incredibly lucky to have the support of so many people through our journey, and we believe in the spirit of paying it forward. Each season we work with a different charity organization whose mission aligns with our values of inclusivity and environmental conservation.

Last Fall, we raised $1000 for Intersectional Environmentalist, a platform dedicated to dismantling systems of oppression in the environmental movement through activism and education. At Plover, we’re passionate about sustainability and enjoying the outdoors (with or without a robe), and we believe marginalized communities deserve more opportunities to share our passion for nature.


Quirky Guy

(Wears Robes)

Eric Eberhart

Idea Guy

(Rethinks Robes)

Ben Woodbury

Original Seamstress

(Sews Robes)

Aunt Lynn

Old Guy

(Produces Robes)

Troy Mohns