AnyWear Robe


"Perfect for both indoors and outdoors. A huge hit at parties. I own several!" - Felix B

Style: Travel AnyWear (no liner)
Pattern: Narsity Blues
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Fabric and Features


Outer Shell: 88% Poly / 12% Elastane 240gsm
Hood Lining: 90% Poly / 10% Elastane 135gsm


Raglan Sleeves for casual comfort, Inner mesh pocket with pullover flap to secure small items, 2-piece hood for sun protection, Durable locker loop for hanging, anchored belt stays centered, 2.5” sleeve cuffs

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I bought a Hot Llama for myself and a Claw Daddy for my boyfriend and we wore them to Coachella. Everyone asked where we got them and they were super comfy all day despite the heat. Love the patterns and the material is such high quality. Highly recommend
— Ally B.
Customer reviews
Saw this amazing robe wrapped around Marc Rebillet and knew I had to have one. I bought the long version cause I like things to hang lower, and it's absolutely amazing! I can't wait to take this bad boy on my cruise to the Bahamas and in general just live that robe life with a hot llama robe. Do yourself the favor and just buy a Plover robe. It's the only way to robe
— Jason K
Customer reviews
I wore my new lobster robe most days to the beach this past summer. I got serious compliments every single time I wore it. I think I gave the website to 50 people. The lobsters were a big hit in Maine. It keeps me warm on windy days went I get out of the water and dries so quickly. The material is also so cool for summer days. I’ve bought two more for gifts and they were huge hits!
— Jesse
Customer reviews
You get what you pay and what I mean by that is that this is most luxurious robes I have ever bought and probably will ever buy. I wear it to festivals. I wear it around the house. I honestly love the jellyfish mushroom design. Everyone should get one! 
— Rexford P.
Customer reviews
I gave Langosta Americana and The Wave to my son and his girlfriend visiting form Australia as "welcome to the US" gifts. They didn't take them off for 3 straight days!
— Heidi J
Customer reviews
Okay. I wanted one of these robes and when the Great Wave design came out I immediately threw my money at the screen. That not working, I made a purchase like a sensible person and eagerly awaited my new robe. It's fantastic. It breaths, it's comfortable, and I love swanning about in it like several of my husbands died under mysterious circumstances. 10/10 will buy again
— Brett C.
Customer reviews
This robe is it. I never thought I'd spend money on a robe, but this robe is the real thing and I'm glad I made the jump. Everything in the description is true - it fits extremely well and is like wearing a little cloud. I don't know why I would get two robes, but I'm seriously considering getting another.
— Nolan
Psychajellic: Travel AnyWear Robe - Plover Robes
Customer reviews
My Badfish Travel Robe absolutely lived up to the hype. It's such awesome material and fits so comfortably. I bought it for the beach and the lake, but got it in the winter so I've been counting down the days to break it in on the water. Until then, I've been wearing it every chance I get around the house - it's so comfortable and makes me feel like a badass!! 😎😎
— Avery

Redefining the Robe


Get to know Plover Robes

Go Robe, AnyWear

Lightweight and packs down small, you can bring our AnyWear Robe just about... well, AnyWear.

Fast-drying UPF Protection

Whether on the boat, at the beach, or just hanging in the backyard, we've got you covered, literally.

Comfort & Fun All In One

No one, in the history of robes, has ever put on a Plover and had a bad time. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they warm?

The liner-less Travel AnyWear robe is not particularly warm. It will provide some insulation and wind protection but they are designed to be lightweight and quick-drying: a comfortable, silky smooth coverup for around the house, at the beach, or at a festival.
The fleece-lined, Change AnyWear robes, on the other other hand, are very warm.

How small do they pack down?

The liner-less Travel AnyWear and Change AnyWear robes pack into their own pocket to about the size of a very large grapefruit or a small melon- pick your poison!

Washing instructions?

Our robes are rugged! You can throw them right in the wash. For longevity, it's best to air dry them just like you would for any performance fabric but if you tumble dry at a low temperature you'll be just fine.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! To just about every country in the world. The taxes, duties, and fees that some countries impose on imports can lead to very high international shipping rates- this is totally out of our control. If the international cost is too high we suggest looking into a service like