Last year, I was tasked with organizing my best and oldest friend’s bachelor party. I love being in charge of trips! In my humble opinion, I’m extremely talented at having fun, so I welcome the role of trip planner with open arms. First step was securing accommodations. I found a cabin on Sebago Lake, the deepest and second largest lake in Maine.

The cabin could sleep 20 and came complete with a sauna, hot tub, private cove and dock. Next order of business? Plan out three nights and two full days of fun. Going against my nature to over-schedule every hour of the day, I chose one activity per day and left the rest of the weekend open to enjoy the lake and the surrounding property. 

Since splitting costs for a trip like this can be abit of a challenge,I decided to front most of the expenses (gimme those CC points baby!) The mission: get enough libations and vittles to max out the suspension of my 2005 Toyota Highlander. Proud to say, the mission was a success! My Japanese adventure-wagen may have transported a Sumatran Rhino-sized load of brews, grill-ables, and munchies, but it turns out I drastically underestimated our beer consumption and overestimated our collective enthusiasm for Hostess Devil Dogs (still have some, they never go bad, hit me up if you want any). 

Per my agenda, we golfed (I suck, no patience) and mini-golfed (I’m good until I start telling jokes and crack myself up). We enjoyed the lake, the early summer sunshine and played an unhealthy amount of drinking games. I wanted the boys to come away from the weekend with a keepsake so I snagged 20 of our Deep Sea Camo robes (now extinct, partially because they turned out purple) and baked them into the cost of the weekend. I had everyone’s initials embroidered on the pockets as well as “WPSD” for the motto, “Wes pees sitting down.” Wes being the groom-to-be, of course.

The weekend was an absolute hoot and the robes were a huge hit, perfect for throwing on after a dip in the lake or a nice long session of sweating out the poison in the sauna. We all wore the robes out to Sebago lake resort’s tiki bar on night 2 and having a uniform of sorts was not only fun but it made it easier for us to stick together and keep track of everyone. A particularly persuasive and charming bartender absconded with one of the robes (against not-so-fervent objection) but aside from that, they and we survived the weekend. Putting real effort into organizing a trip for good friends made it all the more enjoyable and I love having something comfortable and practical to remember it by.

eric eberhart