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We Apologize for the Delay

Dear Plover Fans,

We received our first of two inventory shipments containing our summer robe collection in early July. The second shipment was due to arrive approximately 30 days later, but we were told it was delayed due to a variety of supply chain issues, which have worsened since the summer. Our production partner has struggled to overcome staffing shortages while simultaneously getting besieged by high volume orders from large, global sports brands.

Despite having our fabric printed over 90 days ago, we are still waiting. For those of you waiting for your robe(s) to ship, we cannot apologize enough for the delay. There may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Most recently, we have been informed that our robes are headed for the sewing department imminently. We are hopeful! 

In the meantime, we are exploring production solutions closer to home and are determined to overcome the obstacles we currently face. While we cannot promise exactly when your robe will arrive, we can promise that we will fulfill your order. Please hang in there with us as we attempt to elevate the Robe to standard attire for future generations.

Kindly and apologetically,

Eric and Ben