Lounge AnyWear Robe

Embrace unparalleled comfort and style with our original Lounge AnyWear Robe. It's not just a robe, but a bold statement of versatility—perfect for both lounging at home and quick outings.

Elevate Your Everyday: The Ultimate in Comfort and Versatility

Get ready to embrace the robe revolution with our original Lounge AnyWear Robe, designed to elevate your robe-wearing experience both in and out of the bathroom. Made from fast-drying, moisture-wicking material, the Lounge AnyWear Robe fuses style and function for those who appreciate some serious swagger.

Our Lounge AnyWear Robe is like the Range Rover of robes – bold, sleek, and ready for any terrain, whether it's lounging at home or making a quick coffee run. It comes equipped with spacious front pockets, perfect for stashing your remote or a secret snack, and a hidden inner pocket to keep your phone or other top-secret items safe. The removable belt, supported by belt loops, ensures a snug fit, while the large hood offers excellent sun protection and a touch of mystery.

Available in two sizes – Regular (36" from collar to bottom hem) and Long (46" from collar to bottom hem) – the Lounge AnyWear Robe provides superior comfort and versatility. We generally recommend the Regular size for people up to 6'2" and the Long for people 6'2" or taller. Of course, you can always rock the alternative size for a different vibe: think stylish coat or full-length robe. Life's too short to settle for anything less than the best so embrace the unmatched versatility of our Lounge AnyWear Robe. Elevate your daily routine with a dash of style and flair that says you know how to have a good time and never take yourself (or life) too seriously.