Robe Like Rebillet

"They make some FINE robes"

Couldn't ask for a better testimonial from Marc "Loop Daddy" Rebillet. Check out Marcs song "Grateful" and see why we're so grateful he keeps wearing our robes!

Your New Morning Alarm

We sent Loop Daddy this robe in Spring 2021... They sold out in 17 minutes

Its’ called the Hot Llama. And after a year of waiting, IT’S FINALLY BACK! They’re selling fast…. REALLY fast!

Hot Llama Love!

I actually live in this robe. It’s a great weight and the material breathes so it’s very comfortable. I’m 5’6’’ and the hubby is 6’4” and the robes fit us both, amazing! The prints are festive, I’m going to get a Havana Banana for Mardi Gras!

-Review by Johnson

Get the F*%# out of bed.

Makes me funk, vibe, dance, and rage.

-Review by Lance


Best robe ever. Been wearing it way too much and everyone who sees me in it immediately wants one. I bought my girlfriend a plover robe then proceeded to buy myself one after seeing how dope it was.

- Review by Eric S.