Narsity Blues: Travel AnyWear Robe



Drumroll, please! Making a triumphant return from the depths of the deep blue sea, we present the whimsical, playful, and downright irresistible Narsity Blues – now recreated as a lightweight, travel-friendly robe in our Travel AnyWear collection. This is not just a comeback; it's a rebirth, a new lease of life for one of our most cherished and sought-after styles. And it's back for a limited time only!

Straight from the mind of Dr. Seuss and into your wardrobe, Narsity Blues combines the lighthearted humor of a delightfully quirky narwhal design with the cool, refreshing vibes of a pale blue base. Imagine the elegant majesty of narwhals – the unicorns of the sea – frolicking amid a sea of playful bubbles, all on a robe. It's like diving into a children's storybook while maintaining the chic aesthetic of a seasoned globetrotter.

The Narsity Blues isn't just a walk down memory lane; it's a fresh take on a beloved classic. As part of our Travel AnyWear collection, it's lighter, more compact, and more versatile than ever before. Wear it on the beach, at a festival, or while exploring exotic locales – this robe is ready to accompany you on your greatest adventures. And should you face the wrath of an unexpected splash or downpour, fear not – Narsity Blues dries quicker than a narwhal can blow a bubble!

Offered in two sizes – Regular and Long – Narsity Blues caters to fashion-forward adventurers of all heights. Regular, measuring 36" from collar to bottom hem, is best for those up to 6'2", while our tall friends of 6'2" or taller will love the Long size, stretching 46" from collar to bottom hem. But hey, feel free to break the mold and choose the size that fits your style and mood.

The Narsity Blues Travel AnyWear Robe is a true testament to Plover Robes' commitment to innovation, whimsy, and, of course, unabashed fun. This is not just a robe – it's a conversation starter, a mood lifter, and a game-changer. But remember, like a narwhal's leap from the sea, it's a fleeting spectacle. Get your Narsity Blues now, before it dives back into the vault of Plover's classics! After all, who wouldn't want to be the Narwhal of the ball?


Outer Shell: 88% Poly / 12% Elastane 240gsm
Lining: 90% Poly / 10% Elastane 135gsm


Raglan Sleeves for casual comfort, Inner mesh pocket with pullover flap to secure small items, 2-piece hood for sun protection, Durable locker loop for hanging, anchored belt stays centered, 2.5” sleeve cuffs


Regular: 36" length collar to tail (pictured on 5'6 model)
Long: 46" length collar to tail (pictured on 6'6 model)